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Welcome. I am Tuba Mandel, a fully registered Craniosacral Therapist, having qualified in 2005. I am also an Advisor, mentor, trainer, Bioenergy Healer and NLP Practitioner.

By choosing me, you will experience a unique service that combines the healing properties of Craniosacral Therapy tailored personally to your needs by a highly experienced practitioner.


Wishing for your good health, internal strength and happiness.

Warmly yours

Due to covid-19 safety measures all of my sessions are provided online. Please contact me to get more information about the details and to book a session.


Craniosacral Therapy for Adults

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" - Hippocrates

Stress is unavoidable in today's modern world and our bodies are designed to manage a certain amount of this stimulation with good results. However, extended periods of stress can cause disabling symptoms such as:

fatigue, headaches, anxiety, along with feelings of being run down, unable to cope, overwhelmed, bloated, unable to concentrate, irritable, restless, tense, palpitations and other symptoms.

CTS is a natural way of helping our bodies rest and recover. CST aims to treat the source of symptoms on every level, whether mental, physical or emotional.


I will ask you some questions, listening with care to the reasons for your visit. Your first sessions will last 90 minutes and the subsequent ones around 60 minutes. You remain clothed and will usually lie face up or on your side, or may be seated. I make light contact with your head, the base of your spine, and other areas, encouraging your body to relax and begin to make the changes it needs. Because body functions as a whole, I may focus on areas other then where your symptoms occur.

CST is perfect complement to talking therapies, physically processing emotional issues and trauma held in the body for a balanced mind and body system

    Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Children

    Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and a safe way of working with babies and children hands on and hands off. 

    CST is beneficial even if the pregnancy and birth were trouble free. It can also offer support for developing good sleep patterns, resolving early infant feeding problems including colic and reflux, allergies, torticollis (wry neck), bonding problems with parents and siblings, establishing and supporting breastfeeding.

    Craniosacral Therapy in the Work Place

    For Corporate CST and away days please contact me to discuss your needs.

    Transformational Healing Sessions

    We can make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong. The amount of effort is the same.' - Pema Chodran

    Transformational Healing is a method that focuses on the path that leads you to the results that you would like to achieve. Throughout the work you look at 7 areas of your life and allow the necessary awareness to come to the surface and find resolutions. TH is a synergy of body work and mentoring, to mindfully establish a new Mindset and Bodyset in your life. It utilises Craniosacral Therapy, awareness visualisations, NLP, Hypsnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You could take individual sessions as and when you need them or, follow an 8-weeks course.

    Bioenergy Healing Taster and Training Days

    Would you like to learn basic skills for Bioenergy Healing?

    Do you want to taste how it feels to get in touch with your body's natural healing intelligence?

    Join me in taster and training days. Please contact me for details, and/or follow me on social media for information.

    Monthly  Family constellation Sessions with Ayşe Ece Yılmaz

    Family Constellation is a therapy approach that developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. This approach helps to reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them. 

    Please contact me to have more information.

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    All appointments must be booked in advance


    +44-(0)7960 996085



    Please note that minimum of 24 hours notice required for cancellations

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